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So, why, you ask, should you list your home with me?

Well, I'm not new to the business for one thing. For another, I believe in spending some of my commission to help get the most for your home.

My listings have virtual tours. They cost me money but over 90% of people looking for a home are looking on the internet. After all, that's what you're doing right now, aren't you? The key to getting the most money for your home is to attract as many buyers as possible and attractive pictures is what attracts them best.

Nice pictures alone aren't useful if people aren't seeing them. I spend money to subscribe to Point 2, an organization that sends your listing to hundreds and hundreds of websites around the world. After all, houses and condos aren't just sold to Torontonians. People the world over are buying real estate in Toronto. I don't just put your property on MLS and cross my fingers.

I think real estate agents are very well paid. I've swept, cleaned toilets, painted rooms, mowed lawns, planted flowers and even layed a floor to help my clients homes look their best. I think we should work for our money, although, to be honest, I'm not laying another floor. Sorry. No matter how nicely you ask, I am NEVER laying another floor.

If you're getting ready to sell in the future, call me at 416-708-0556. Now that I've talked about myself it's your turn to talk about you.

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If you'd like to contact me in regards to buying or selling a home, please fill out the following form and I'll return your message as soon as possible.  I look forward to hearing from you! I also am contacted just because people have a question to ask me about real estate. I'm happy to answer your questions as well. I once was contacted to settle a bet and, believe it or not, didn't even as for a cut.

Don't like email, call me at 416-652-1040!

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