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Let me say in advance that I have never been fired by a client. I can’t say it won’t happen eventually because there are many reasons a client may wish to desist working with their agent; some reasonable and some not. I can say, however, that if I’m fired for any of the reasons below, I will know it’s time to retire.

Here are the five BEST reasons to fire your agent:

  1. Your agent has not recommended you do anything to get your home ready for sale. This is fine if you are flipping the house and there’s nothing left to do but I personally have never sold a home that didn’t, at minimum, need some de-cluttering and, frankly, I’m usually there in tee shirt and jeans helping.
  2. Your agent is unable to articulate a marketing plan for selling your home or he/she doesn’t have one. Your agent’s plan is to put your home on MLS and that’s it.
  3. Your agent has taken either no pictures of your home or the ones that are taken are terrible and the description of your home is pathetic and filled with spelling errors.
  4. Your agent doesn’t return your phone calls on a regular basis. We all get busy and can’t return every call immediately or always pick up the phone and there’s nothing wrong with that. I won’t take a call, unless I’m in the middle of a deal, when I am meeting with another client. If I’m going to need to interrupt the meeting to take calls, I will warn the client I’m meeting and explain why but calls should be returned the same day unless there’s a good reason for not doing so.
  5. Your agent keeps lying to you.


In short, I would fire my agent if they failed to show me that they cared about the sale of my house and were prepared to spend time, and some of their generous commission to get the highest possible price for my house and I would fire any agent I thought repeatedly lied to me. Remember, your agent may know more about real estate than you do but you are still the boss!