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The Fine Print (Of Course)

When you use me as your real estate agent, I will pay the lawyers fee for the transaction. Typically lawyers charge a fee dependent on the price of the home you are buying or selling but range from $800 and up. For example, if you buy a $400,000 house in Toronto the lawyer's fee will be approximately $1350. I would pay this amount for you. As well the lawyer charges for other things above and beyond his fee, such as adjustments, disbursements, etc. These you will be required to pay. Any other lawyer fees above and beyond the base fee are also covered by you.

Normally, you would pay the lawyer the $1350 in the above example on closing day, which means it is money above and beyond your downpayment, land transfer taxes, moving van, etc. In other words, that's $1350 which stays in your pocket just when you need it most!