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The disadvantage of the levels are the stairs, the advantage is that a family can live in less space than a house and still give each other room.

I love Condo Townhomes as investments. When I talk about investment I don't necessarily mean a second property rented out to a tenant. I also mean an investment property from the stand point of providing good re-sale value for the end user.

Many condo owners are now looking for larger housing than the condos they purchased at an earlier age, due to pairing up and having children. These people have found the average price of a house prohibitive but have outgrown their condos. Condo townhomes are very, very appealing for this segment of home buyer. They are less expensive than houses and the maintenance fees are generaly far less than a regular condo building. As well, in our busy lives, the minimal maintenance of condo living remains appealing in spite of a need for more space.

I expect townhomes to appreciate at a greater rate than condos simply because there is a real need for this housing and immigration should continue to feed the appreciation. As well, there will always be more condo units available simply because we only have so much land and much more sky.

Care to look into this viable form of home ownership? Give me a call - I love talking about real estate!